What is the Bb Collaborate ULTRA?

You can present Powerpoint slides, images, and websites and communicate with you students in real time via audio, video and text chat. Collaborate also includes a range of features such as polling, interactive whiteboard and break-out rooms that facilitate student interaction and collaboration.

Collaborate is available within Moodle enabling you to integrate it with other online elements of your course. The live sessions can be recorded and made available for students to view after the event, or the audio content made available as MP3 or Mp4 files for students to download and listen to on their mobile devices.

Why use the Bb Collaborate ULTRA?

It isn’t always easy to get all your students together in one place at the same time. With Collaborate you can give online lectures, presentations and tutorials in real time without you and the students having to be physically together.  Recording your sessions can provide students with a valuable resource to review at their own pace after the event.  This can help students’ understanding of the material as well as supporting students with specific learning needs or for those who don’t have English as their first language.